Meet payme,
payment with a smile
in your chat

Payme is a new kind of service for clients of Slovak banks. Via payme you can send a payment just as hassle free as sending a text message nowadays.

What is payme?

Each of us has been in a situation where we needed to get even with a friend, acquaintance or colleague for lunch, coffee or a mutual birthday present.

Until now we have painstakingly looked for account numbers, copied, overwritten and sent payment prompts in various complicates ways. Our acquaintances and friends have subsequently overwritten payment data in their banking applications to finally realise the payment.

Imagine it takes only a few clicks to complete the process. You send a link via your favourite chat, which prompts your friend to open an already filled out payment order in their respective banking application. Then they confirm it, common practice. And it does not matter that your friend has an account at a different bank.

To be able to make a payment between banks with ease, we have come up with payme.

How payme works?

Generate link

First generate a payme payment link, either here or in your banking application.

Send link

Send the payme link to a friend via email or chatting application.

Click & pay

Your friend makes the payment in their banking application after clicking on the payme link.
qr kod
Let us say your bank does not yet support payme. You can still use our service. The link created by our generator will reroute you to a web page with a QR payment code – PAY by square. You simply make the payment by scanning.

Benefits of payme

Payme works in all chat services
No need to register or enter personal data
No need to log in
The service is absolutely free of charge for bank clients

Payme banks

Slovenská sporiteľňa
Tatra banka
VÚB banka